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Books to help you live your purpose

I write about what I know because I lived it.

I share it with you so that you can find and live your purpose and have all the good things that accompany it.

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Just happiness, love, success, kindness, purpose and prayer.

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    Book Reviews

    Praise for 30 Days To Love

    "Rhonda is an incredibly thoughtful writer and takes time to take her daily practices, then share them with others. Her caring spirit is genuine and comes through in her writing in tangible way - making "vague" concepts concrete and practical."

    --Dr. Morganne Reid

    "Rhonda Sciortino's 30 Days to Love is a concise and beautifully written collection of reflections that offer ways to enhance our sense of self-love and to express that love in significant ways to benefit others. Rhonda's interpretation of each day's meaningful quotation, along with the meditation that follows, paves the path for the reader to follow by seeing love as the means to inspire encouragement, comfort, and joy. I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who wishes to love and be loved." --Patricia Morrissey

    "Give this book to all your family members and friends. The more people who read this book and learn from it, the more joyful all their lives will be. Change starts from within and the power of even one can not be underestimated." --Lisa L.

    “An enriching book that clearly and simply communicates 30 steps on how to start TODAY living a more loving and fulfilling life." --Marilyn Barnett

    "This book is a practical guide to remind us that loving ourselves and others can bring about positive change. It is straightforward and easy to read. If we all could apply the concepts to our everyday lives, our world would be a much better place." --Michelle L.

    "In a world where so many are self-centered and still unhappy, Rhonda Sciortino shows us how to have true loving others. Her writing style makes for an easy read, much like talking with a close friend. Great book. Great message. Love it". ----Brian D. Molitor, Author

    "Wonderful book! The writer is very inspirational and motivating!" --Amber D.

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