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Online, Self-Paced, Micro-Learning Courses That Help You Live Your Purpose

These micro-learning courses are designed to help you succeed because of what you've been through, find your purpose, nurture healthy relationships, write your book in days (instead of weeks, months or years) and create your uniquely successful life.


You can take these (and many more upcoming) online courses at your own time and place at a pace that works for you. 


YOU MATTER. Start now!

Write Your Book In Days (not weeks, months or years)

Have you thought of writing a book, but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you know what to do, but don't have the time to get it done? In this online, self-paced course, I share my formula for writing your book in days instead of weeks, months, or years, getting your book published, and marketing your book so that it gets into the hearts and minds of those who need to hear what you know. This course could change your life! 

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Write Your Book In Days
Write Your Book

Succeed Because Of What You've Been Through

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I went from foster care to millionaire, not by luck or knowing the right people. I share what I did, what I regret, and how YOU can go from wherever you are to your real success in this online, self-paced course offered through Udemy. YOU (yes YOU)  can gain all five points of prosperity--good relationships, good health, peace, joy, and financial provision.

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7 Days To Healthier Relationships

Bad relationships harm us, and good relationships have the power to heal us. Our lives are happy and peaceful to the degree that we have healthy relationships in our lives. 

This online course is designed to give you 7 easy and practical steps that you can take to nurture healthy relationships. Give these 7 tips a try over the next 7 days, and you mind find that this week is a turning point in your life! 


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The Your Real Success is the only program that facilitates mining the character traits, learned abilities, and coping mechanisms out of our adverse experiences so that those assets can be used to create personal and professional success.

It can benefit survivors of abuse, rescued trafficking victims, foster, adoptive and bio parents, veterans, caregivers, entrepreneurs, college students,
and everyone who wants to find and fulfill his or her purpose, and enjoy the peace, joy, good relationships, wellness, and financial provision that accompanies it.



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