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Do you know the two most frequent triggers for tragedy in child welfare?


The most significant thing that I can do for child caring organizations is to provide their leaders with the data and risk management strategies to protect the children who have been entrusted to them.

I share the results of 30 years of insurance claim data collection, which resulted in the top five precursors of tragedy in foster care, the two months of the year, and the times of day when tragedies are most likely to occur. Armed with this knowledge, others are better equipped to protect themselves and the youth in their care. 

Building, growing, and selling two successful businesses, as well as serving on boards of private, non-profit child welfare organizations, uniquely positions me to help non-profits in areas of risk management, leadership, relationship building, and strategic planning. 

My personal experience with abandonment, abuse, and poverty, equips me with the lived experience and empathy that enrich my contribution to the non-profit organizations and ministries that I serve. 

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