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Testimonials for Rhonda Sciortino's motivational speeches

"I don't think I have ever in my life heard a testimony so powerful."

--Pastor Matthew Barnett, founder LA Dream Center

Joe Boczek founder and executive director GAMECHANGER

Joe Boczek, founder and executive director

Rhonda‘s talks to thousands of high school students for the GameChanger Opioid and Substance Misuse Awareness Summit were not only informative and riveting but were downright magnificent. There is no question that she set the stage for the overwhelming success the GameChanger Initiative has enjoyed. We are forever grateful for her.”

Irene Clements.jpg

Irene Clements, Retired Executive Director National Foster Parent Association

​"Rhonda is a dynamic speaker who brings joyfulness to everyone she encounters. Rhonda displays wisdom way beyond her years and utilizes that wisdom with compassion and gentleness."

Wayne Tesch Diane Tesch.jpg

Wayne & Diane Tesch, founders Royal Family Kids

Rhonda's story is powerful!!! Her communication of the story AMAZING!!! Her ability to reach the hearts of an audience INCREDIBLE!!! She is one of THE VOICES to speak for Foster youth!!! Read her book!!! Hear her speak!! Join the movement in helping Foster Youth!!"

ron storm.jpg

Ron Storm, Stewardship, Moody Global Ministries  

“Rhonda Sciortino is a force of hear her speak is to be engaged, challenged, moved and informed. Her life story, experience and what she has gained from all of that is worth the price of admission. Rhonda is an 11 on a scale of 10.”

Our OBHC staff was thrilled with Rhonda's investment into our organization. Rhonda's research, presentation and passion for her work went far beyond our expectations. Rhonda's knowledge and experience delivered valuable insight, national perspective and direction for our team. More importantly, our experience with Rhonda was personal, sincere and spoke directly to the mission of our organization. In short, Rhonda was a delight.”

Joshua P. Reasnor
Chief Information Analyst | Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children

"Rhonda Sciortino is a Communicator of Hope. She packages inspirational, life-learning messages to lead her audience to the profound lesson that a difficult Past can become the Prelude to a God-centered positive future."

Russell Williams
Founder | Passkeys Foundation

Thank you so much for helping make the past two events a HUGE success for Compass. It was amazing how you connected with the really inspired them to do great things in spite of the difficulties they have faced. It was so great to have you come because you understand what we do and you are such a pleasure to work with!”

Ryan B. Stanton
President and CEO, Compass

Rhonda’s message of determination in overcoming life’s difficulties motivated us to share an expectation to succeed with the children and youth in our care.”

Charles Flynn

President—Association of Christian Childcare Administrators, an advocacy association for Christian child welfare professionals.


Rhonda Sciortino is an outstanding speaker whose message truly changes lives. The way she tells the story of how you can succeed because of what you’ve been through is an authentic, true story that inspires, motivates, and equips others to press through, regardless of their past or present circumstances. I would recommend Rhonda as an educator, motivator, and professional speaker in any sector that desires a dynamic speaker.”

Scharrell Talley Jackson 

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer Squar, Milner, Peterson, Miranda, Williamson, LLP / Speaker/Motivator/Innovator

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Book Signing
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Foster Care Summit
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