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to help you find purpose, meaning and happiness

An inspirational book that shows the best way to love is with one's actions.

Kindness, mercy, love. We need these values more than ever, and what's most important is putting these into action. Love is Action takes this simple concept and puts it in a powerful and inspiration little book. Love is Action shows that unconditional love is more than words. Full of practical wisdom and tips, Love is Action provides everything one needs to live a life of joy through intentional acts of kindness, generosity, and love. More than a book, Love is Action is an initiative for all of humanity.


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Love Is Action

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  •      I wrote this book because I noticed that many people seem to go through life feeling unhappy, depressed, dissatisfied, and most poignantly, without feeling accepted and loved. 


        A large number of people take antidepressants, which is an indicator of how they measure the quality of their lives. The number of suicides is historically and tragically high—especially among young people.


         These sad facts point to the truth that even with the finest and most complete formal education in the best of schools, we aren’t taught how to be happy, how to achieve a sense of satisfaction about our lives, how to effectively communicate with one another, and most significantly, how to love and feel loved in genuine relationships. 


        I’m not the world’s foremost authority on love. I have yet to meet that person. But I have met and interviewed many people who have built their lives around putting love into action. These are people who set their own wants and needs aside to do whatever is necessary to help others. What you have read in this book is what I learned from these precious souls who have given their lives for others. They have put their love into action to rescue and restore children who are being trafficked, to pour healing love into children who have been mistreated, to comfort the ailing, to teach the uninformed, and to fight on behalf of those who have no voice, those who desperately need a defender.


         The wisdom of these people is included in these pages. I can only hope that I've put the right words in the right order to give the world a nudge in the direction of Love.


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