Acts of Kindness, small or large, help everyone make their world a kinder place. Through the simplest act of kindness, all of our lives are improved. Genuine caring is best expressed through encouraging and helping others. Kindness fills the emotional “fuel tank” of others as well as ourselves. This book gives simple suggestions for connecting with others, which is the powerful undercurrent of kindness.


"Inspired and inspiring." -- Midwest Book Review

Acts Of Kindness--101 Ways To Make Our World A Better Place

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  • Acts of Kindness: 101 Ways to Make Our World a Better Place is a little book with big ideas that anyone can do to share a bit of kindness with others.

    Most of the ideas are easily implemented. Some ideas, though, I think may not have the result that is expected. It really depends on the mindset of the person on the other side of the intended act of kindness.

    Some older people struggling to load or unload their groceries do NOT want a young whippersnapper offering to help them. It makes the older person feel like people think they can’t do anything for themselves. This is one that can go either way. Some folks would dearly love an offer of assistance and so often do not get one.

    Another suggestion in Acts of Kindness would be a very bad idea if you’re dealing with a very shy person. Some people do nice things and don’t want to make a big show of it. This author suggests publicly praising them for what they did. In my opinion, this is one of the worst things you can do to those of us that would not like being put on display. You have to know the personality of the person you’re dealing with on something like this or it may be counterproductive.


    There are many great suggestions and several that I had never even thought about, but hope to put into practice very soon.

    Acts of Kindness: 101 Ways to Make Our World a Better Place earns all five stars. It is a short book with great ideas for the long run. I think that you will enjoy it, too. --David and Suzanne McClendonon


    Antidote to the world's meanness! If you have been shaking your head this year, stunned by so much senseless violence happening around the world, Acts of Kindness provides a gentle and loving antidote and answers the question, 'what can I do to help?" The author spells out 101 ways to impact the world in a positive way through acts of kindness, some of which can be done for yourself, and many of which are directed to others or for the general good of the order. Best of all, most of the suggested acts won't cost you a cent and many don't even take much time or advance preparation. The suggestions for relating to others in a more kind fashion won't change things overnight, but like a drop of rain joins with others to become a shower, why not shower yourself and those you encounter with love seasoned with kindness? --Dee Long