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to help you find purpose, meaning and happiness

For years Rhonda Sciortino “recited” the Lord’s Prayer without understanding the depth of meaning to each phrase. But in the midst of crisis, with her husband dying and her only child addicted and suicidal, Rhonda cried out to God using the model of this prayer in a way she never had before. Over time God answered with complete healing for her husband and delivery from addiction and complete restoration for her only child.


Discover how to apply each phrase of the Lord’s Prayer in your own life, and when you cry out to God, whether in crisis or in praise, you will see miraculous results too!


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The Prayer That Covers It All

  • "I have been a Christian since I was 12 years old. Having faith in God is something that I’ve always had, but my prayer life has not always been consistent. This book has literally changed that for me. Thank you Rhonda for writing this book!" --Diana Moshier


    "This is an awesome little book that you can carry around with you for times that you need to be uplifted. The Author is a truly amazing and inspiring person who lives her life as an example of what a person can achieve, regardless of where they come from." --Dawn Richmond

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