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to help you find purpose, meaning and happiness

How To Get To AWESOME is a lighthearted, yet powerful, hardcover book, about taking the simple and cost-free steps to becoming your best self and living the awesome life you were meant to live. If you’re already awesome, help everyone within your influence to get to awesome by giving them copies of this easy-to-read book!


"Love this book! Great info!" --Kathleen Wright


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How To Get To Awesome

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$6.48Sale Price


    Each of us has within ourselves the potential to be great. No, not just great—awesome. Yet all too often, we find ourselves acting as spectators in our own lives, stuck on the sidelines while others succeed. 


    How to Get to Awesome shows you fun, practical, and inspirational ways to be your best self, making it easy to incorporate simple changes in your day-to-day life. By identifying the main characteristics of positive people and establishing 101 concrete, easy-to-follow steps to enhance those virtues, How to Get to Awesome enables true personal transformation and a higher quality of life to anyone willing to commit to being awesome. 


    Let How to Get to Awesome help you off the sidelines and into a new way of life!

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