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to help you find purpose, meaning and happiness

It feels good to be loved. When we love ourselves and others, we feel better and become more resilient. People who feel loved and valued are more confident. They are more willing to step out of their comfort zones to take risks. They know they are wanted and supported and always have something to fall back on when bad things happen. 


There is nothing more empowering than loving others and being loved in return...and nothing worse than being rejected, left out, ignored. Love centers us, sustains us—people who feel loved know that no matter what challenges life throws at them, they will persevere and succeed. They know that their value is not diminished by setbacks or mistakes.


30 DAYS TO LOVE is a blueprint for the 30 key life inventory items that have the biggest impact on spreading and sharing love. Be it self-love, love for others or love for your community, by treating each new day as an opportunity to add a bit more love into the world, we take another step down the path to our truly joyful life.


You don't have to live a loveless life! You can fill your life with the real, authentic love that will sustain you all of your days. Make the most of your life by becoming an instrument of love!


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30 Days To Love

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  • "I have read several of Rhonda's books and they have all touched my heart in some way. This great little read taught me numerous lessons. Most importantly it taught me to take time and reflect on myself and how I am demonstrating love to others. By giving love to others I am more able to receive it. When I am having a difficult, I can easily overcome it by remembering the love that I put out into the world is reflected back to me. I am committed to being a beacon of love to those I encounter daily. Thank you for the inspiration Rhonda." --Tdub


    "This book has it all from reflecting on the love for yourself to putting into action what that could look like in your everyday interactions. As I have gone through this book I can see my perspective changing. If you are ready for Real Authentic Love starting for yourself and pouring out to others, then get this book!" --Dawn Windle


    “Since I received “30 Days to Love” I have been reading a chapter and a meditation everyday. It really is all about Real Love. What is amazing to me is that many of the thoughts the author expresses truly resonate with me and many of my beliefs, but being reminded of The Power of Love is just what I needed. Imagine what a beautiful world this would be if we all practiced the Actions of Love. This will definitely be a Go-To book for me as an inspiration and reminder of The Power of Love❤️" --Judi K.


    "30 Days to Love” by Rhonda Sciortino is a powerful self-help book that guides readers on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Through a series of daily exercises, Rhonda provides a practical roadmap to help readers identify and overcome obstacles to finding love and building healthy relationships. Rhonda shares her own experiences as a survivor of abuse and neglect, which really gives the book a deeply personal and authentic tone. She is compassionate and insightful, which encourages readers to confront their fears and limiting beliefs, and truly gives the reader confidence and self-esteem. “30 Days to Love” is an inspiring and empowering book that offers a fresh perspective on finding love and building healthy relationships. This book will help you cultivate the self-awareness and emotional intelligence necessary for healthy, successful relationships. Highly recommend!" --Kim Laub


    "This book has taught me to give love even when it’s hard. I have someone in my life that constantly makes bad choices and is very difficult to love but this book has equipped me with the tools needed for me to give love even when it’s difficult. It’s also taught me to love myself. I am worthy of love. Great book, I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone I know." --Sarah DeLeon


    "Rhonda Sciortino's 30 Days to Love is a concise and beautifully written collection of reflections that offer ways to enhance our sense of self-love and to express that love in significant ways to benefit others. Rhonda's interpretation of each day's meaningful quotation, along with the meditation that follows, paves the path for the reader to follow by seeing love as the means to inspire encouragement, comfort, and joy. I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who wishes to love and be loved." --Patricia Morrissey


    "30 Days To Love is the only book my husband and I have fought over to read.  Rhonda Sciortino’s profound words and innate wisdom made me stop in my tracks and analyze how I see myself as well as others.  This little book has softened my heart and opened my eyes. The lens through which I see the world is clearer and I am happier. Definitely five stars." --Trisha Jenkin


    "30 Days of Love is an inspiration to me. I am not a person who expresses my concerns openly but after reading this book, I know that I am not alone in my thoughts. Now I can try to improve myself and become happier. Thank you!" --Jessie Peluso


    "I enjoyed reading the daily inspirations & meditations that "30 Days to Love" provides. The book will give you some food for thought. I highly recommend it!" --Chantal K.


    "For the past month I have awoken looking forward to reading the next chapter of 30 Days to Love. I have found each chapter to be both thought provoking and inspiring as I start my day. If your goal is to be a better person and have a full, rich life it is a must read." --Tom Jenkin


     “An enriching book that clearly and simply communicates 30 steps on how to start TODAY living a more loving and fulfilling life.  Easy to read and refer to." --Marilyn Barnett


    "This book is a practical guide to remind us that loving ourselves and others can bring about positive change. It is straightforward and easy to read. If we all could apply the concepts to our everyday lives, our world would be a much better place." --Michelle L.


    "Give this book to all your family members and friends. The more people who read this book and learn from it, the more joyful all their lives will be. Change starts from within and the power of even one can not be underestimated. Day 2 in particular resonated with me today. Big thank you to the author for helping me to keep things in perspective and remain positive!" --Lisa L.


    "Very moving! Explains steps to loving yourself, others, and making a difference in today’s society. 10/10 recommend to anyone feeling at a crossroad in there life or simply just wants a little motivation for the day." --Dominic D.


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