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to help you find purpose, meaning and happiness

Do you know the hidden power of kindness? The secret meaning of kindness? Or that kindness can literally save lives?


Did you know that you can literally improve your happiness and change your circumstances through authentic kindness?


The Kindness Quotient is part evaluation and part celebration, as it examines the places where each of us can cultivate kindness. We can succeed in every area of life by improving our Kindness Quotient. Better yourself and change the world by boosting your kindness score with The Kindness Quotient! 


"The Kindness Quotient presents practical steps for learning the value of planting seeds of unconditional kindness in the lives of those at home, work and in the world!" --Harriet C. Roth


Now available on Audible here:


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Kindness Quotient--how the power of kindness creates success

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