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Do you know why people are so easily offended?

It starts with a feeling of inadequacy and lack of security in life

When we’re comfortable and secure in our identity, our work, and in our personal lives, we’re less likely to take offense. When all is well in our world, we’re better able to let offense (or perceived offense) roll off our shoulders like water off a duck’s back.

Our problems and challenges feel more pronounced when all is not well in our world.

When we lose our job or when our loved one leaves us for someone else, we feel inadequate. When we feel inadequate, we’re more fragile and vulnerable. Consequently, when we’re left out of the group, or our birthday is forgotten, or we’re not invited to the party, it’s much more likely that we’ll take offense.

One way to be happy and not be battered about by every opportunity to take offense, is to know how awesome we are.

When we embrace ourselves, flaws and all, we’re more likely to accept the flaws of others, including their actions (or failures to act) that can lead to us forfeiting our happiness for offense.

Exchanging our happiness for offense is never a good swap. Don’t do it.

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Rhonda Sciortino, author of 13 books, including Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through, used the coping skills from her abusive childhood to create personal and professional success. She built two successful businesses, then turned her attention to helping others to find their purpose and real success.


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