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The secret to peace and joy

You don’t have to live unhappy. It’s possible to live with joy every day of your life. It doesn’t mean that bad things will never happen. There will always be challenges and frustrations and sorrows and grief. But you can have joy and peace through it all. It sounds absurd, doesn’t it? It sounds like a cruel lie. A contradiction—that you can be joyful while you’re going through hard times. But it’s true, on one condition.

You can have a sense of joy and peace that no one can take away from you if you’re living your purpose. I know you’re probably thinking, “ya righthow?

I retraced my steps from the life of peace and joy and gratitude that I have now back to the time when I lived in turmoil, anxiety, and constant striving. I thought about every progression on the path from that sad roller-coaster life to the peaceful life I live now, and then I created a program to guide others on the path that worked for me. I call it the FIND YOUR PURPOSE program.

I call it that because living your purpose is the point of our lives. The fulfillment of the purpose for which we were born and perfectly matched is the definition of real success. Your purpose and successful life is different than mine. Mine is different than yours. It’s different from everyone else’s by design. The things that you are perfectly equipped to do and the things that give you joy are different than those of others. You are unique in all the world—so is your purpose.

We're unequal by design

Your unique purpose is the life that you were created to live—a life free from striving to fit in, to belong, to be loved, to succeed, to be like someone else, and to be perfect. You are enough. In fact, you are already perfectly equipped and qualified to do what you were born to do, to live the life you were created to live.

The FIND YOUR PURPOSE Program is for those who have experienced sadness, depression, worry, anxiety, fear, and every other negative emotion; and to those who have tried over and over to find sustainable peace and joy without success; and to those who have run to the wrong things like toxic relationships, alcohol, drugs, or any of the other things that we use to make ourselves feel a little bit better; and to the people who have thrown ourselves into work, education, exercise and every other form of self-improvement as a distraction or as a way to try to achieve that illusive sense of contentedness that always feels just beyond our reach.

I created FIND YOUR PURPOSE because I know how it feels to live outside of your purpose. I lived without a sense of purpose for the first part of my life. I tried everything to feel worthy and valuable and to have a sense of meaning. And I lived for many more years thinking that my purpose was my career. When I sold my business and no longer had my career, I realized that my purpose wasn’t limited to my career and that my work, significant as it was, only fulfilled one aspect of my purpose.

If a lifetime can be compared to seasons, as I write this, I’m in the fall of my life, and I’m finally fully living my purpose. I’ve never been more peace-filled, and I’ve never experienced more consistent, sustainable joy that cannot be touched by the challenges of life. I want everyone to have the opportunity to live this way.

Having lived without purpose, then with a misguided sense of purpose, and now living with true purpose and meaning, I can tell you that there is truly nothing like fulfilling the purpose for which you were born and perfectly matched. It’s fun. It’s fascinating. It’s exciting. It feels so good because it engages your passion and the abilities at which you are your own unique brand of genius. To live any other way is to live below what’s possible, at less than your potential.

I hope you decide right now that you will find and fulfill the good purpose for which you were born and perfectly matched. You don't need me or the Find Your Purpose program or the podcast, blog articles, books, or videos that I've created, but they're here if you want a little help from a friend.

Rhonda Sciortino's purpose is to help others find theirs and to enjoy all five points of real success through living their purpose. Rhonda defines real success as healthy relationships, peace, joy, wellness and enough financial provision to do what we were born to do.


Here's an easy first step towards finding and living your purpose--subscribe now to the FIND YOUR PURPOSE NOW Podcast at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Iheartradio, Amazon music, Overcast, Castbox, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, and right here at

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