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Seven Things I Never Said [but was criticized for]. Has This Ever Happened To You?

When you become an author, there are people who have NOT read your books who decide that they don’t like what [they think] you’ve written. Yes, you read that right. The only real detractors I’ve heard from are people who have told me that they didn’t like things that I didn’t write.

I was warned about this. Before my first book hit the shelves of Barnes & Noble, I was told by a highly successful author to, “be prepared for the people who criticize what they think you’ve written without ever bothering to read the book.”

Today I decided to set the record straight.

The seven things I’ve been criticized for but never said are:

  1. If you do what I tell you to do, you will be a millionaire.

  2. Success is having a lot of money.

  3. If you take my advice, your life will be perfect.

  4. Depression is a choice, so simply choose to be happy.

  5. Just pray, and everything will be perfect.

  6. Pray and believe, and you’ll get your miracle instantly.

  7. You’re not awesome, and you need my book in order to become awesome.

What I have said, and will continue to say is what I believe with every fiber of my being:

  1. If you do what I suggest you do, you will earn a a good income because you’ll be providing goods or services to those who need what you are able to provide.

  2. Success has five distinct facets, one without a measure of all the others is not true success. The five facets of authentic success are good relationships, good health, peace, joy, and financial provision.

  3. If you consistently implement my advice, over a period of time, your life will improve.

  4. Depression is real. I’m not a mental health professional. If you need help, get it. In addition to whatever else you do, make a decision to do whatever you can to be happy, and find those things that help you get there. Free free to take the 30 steps I’ve written to help you get there in my book, 30 Days To Happiness. These are the things that worked for me. I hope they work for you, but there is not a “money back guarantee.”

  5. Pray, and manage your expectations about what answers you will receive and when. We live in a broken world, so in this life, nothing will be perfect. There will always be room for improvement

  6. Pray, listen for God's directions for what you are to do, act on His leadings, then imagine yourself already having received the thing you’re praying for, and finally, thank God in advance for answering your prayer. Be aware that God’s clock is different than yours. His timing is perfect, but He’s rarely on our timetable.

  7. You are already awesome, but if you don’t know it yet, I wrote How To Get To Awesome for you to help you find your awesome self.

There. It’s all cleared up. Until the next time someone decides they don’t like what I have not written.

Rhonda Sciortino, author of Succeed Because of What You've Been Through, was abandoned at the age of 6 months, raised by a mentally ill man and an alcoholic woman in a bizarre, emotional roller coaster of a childhood. Rhonda Sciortino used the coping skills from her childhood survival to create personal and professional success. Through her speaking, writing, podcast, media appearances, and videos she shares how others can use the obstacles in their lives as stepping stones to a their real success.


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