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New day -- Do You Know What To Do With It?

There are lots of things you can do, but ONE THING you are supposed to do. What is it? To find and live your purpose. That’s really our only job.

Do you know how to find and fulfill the purpose for which you were born?

You were born to grow, and learn, and improve the world around you by improving the lives of the people around you. Those people aren't there by accident. They're not the wrong people. But before you go trying to change everyone around you, stick with me.

It's not on you to change anyone. It's on you to change YOU. When you improve yourself, you show everyone within your influence how it’s done.

You have your free will to choose whatever you want to do. But when you choose to find and fulfill your purpose, you are choosing joy and peace and love, and every other good thing that accompanies right choices.

So, the big question becomes, “HOW do I find and live my purpose?”

God created you, and when He did, He deposited into you everything you would need (or the seeds of what you would need) to fulfill the purpose for which you were created. See, you were perfectly matched to your life’s purpose. The choice is yours as to whether or not you decide to cooperate and collaborate with God and His grand plan for you or not.

So, now you may ask, “WHAT is this grand plan that includes me?”

God is not apathetic about the plight of people. Nor is He lethargic on His attempts to help. And He's not passive. Nor is He reactive. He cares. He knew who would struggle with which specific challenges. So when He made you, He did so with the suffering of specific others in mind. He equipped you to be able to help certain people in specific ways.

We’re made in His image (that includes you), so we aren't designed to be apathetic to the suffering of others, or passive or lethargic about responding. We're built to be proactive in the use of our skills and abilities, using the resources we have, to help others, which makes the world a better place.

The irony is that that the way we become proactive about helping others and thereby changing the world is in improving ourselves. When we take care of ourselves and live a life of growth and continuous learning, we are better able to make a positive difference in the lives of others. How? By showing loving kindness in the ways that we are uniquely qualified to do so.

Let's determine in this new year and new decade to kick into world-changing gear. This is where God operates. We put ourselves there by pursuing our potential. When we pursue our potential, we find and fulfill our purpose. When we make daily, incremental improvements in ourselves, we are better able to help others.

When we decide to do this, our eyes are opened to the challenges others face. We have greater empathy. We get ideas for how to help, and we feel the intention and ability to act on them. The beauty of this is that when we make these first moves, the Holy Spirit of God shows up and brings restoration where there used to be desperation.

Yes we are individual sons and daughters of God, unique in our God-given identities. But we're part of a network, no a fabric, of people. You belong. You are inextricably woven into the fabric of humanity. Your perspective is needed, as are your skills, talents, and abilities. The world is incomplete without YOU. Together we are a whole.

We aren’t designed to function well alone in the world. We need each other. We need community. We need the skills, talents, and abilities of others to complete us just as others need ours. So first we must care for ourselves, develop ourselves, recognize our good character traits and abilities, and then celebrate those things. It's not arrogance, but rather a quiet confidence, to know, really know, your unique place in the whole of humanity. When you recognize and celebrate yourself, you’re better able to recognize and celebrate the goodness of others without envy.

So let's get started. Open your heart and mind and take inventory of the good character traits you embody, like resilience, perseverance, courage, and more; and the good personality traits you personify, like a good sense of humor, being a good friend, bringing peace rather than conflict, and more; and finally, assess the ways that you put your love into action by the ways you show kindness to others, like recognizing what’s good about them and complimenting their character, personality, or abilities. In doing these things, you will be the very best YOU that you have ever been.

Start today by checking out This is where we begin to uncover the clues to your unique purpose. It's the most significant decision you can make!

Join us on the FIND YOUR PURPOSE Podcast, which you can listen to at and subscribe to wherever you get your podcasts.

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Rhonda Sciortino found the purpose of her life in the broken pieces of her past. She now helps others find and live out their God-given purpose through her YOUR REAL SUCCESS program, her FIND YOUR PURPOSE Christian Women's Retreats, and the FIND YOUR PURPOSE NOW Podcast.


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