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Your purpose is your real success

Don't you just hate negativity? We've all known someone who has nothing but complaints or bad news every time you talk to them. They never have anything good to say. Those people leave us feeling worse than we did before.

What we need on difficult days (and every other day) are positive, uplifting stories about people who made it through really tough stuff. Those kinds of stories give us hope for our future.

I'm excited to announce that I'm now writing a new segment for American Essence Magazine called American Success stories. What a joy it is to write about people who have created successful lives. And by "success" I don't mean only people with money, fame, or millions of social media followers. I write about real people who have overcome real problems and who have reached a place of real success, which I define as peace, joy, good relationships, and overall wellbeing through their good contributions to the world.

fulfillment of your purpose is real success

To introduce the new segment of the magazine, the editor wanted my story to be first. There's nothing like a full page (unphotoshopped) photo in a print magazine to remind you how many birthdays you've had. 😬 There's even a very rare appearance in this article by Mr. Sciortino--seeing him in public is like seeing a unicorn in the intersection.🤣

American Essence Magazine is done the good old-fashioned way--it's printed on paper. Since it's not online, my story is included below, in a downloadable version, with full permission. If you haven't heard of American Essence, it is a magazine for anyone who loves America. It celebrates our history, perseverance, timeless values and America's contribution to humanity.

If you could use some hope and inspiration, check out American Essence Magazine. I promise that each story will help counter the negativity, strife and division that seems to be just about everywhere. My aspiration is that these stories of faith, hope, and love will inspire us all to help to heal our culture.

One last thing... one of these days, I might be calling YOU about your story.

American Essence Magazine Rhonda Sciortino American Success Story
Download PDF • 1.55MB

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Rhonda Sciortino found her purpose and her real success buried in the broken pieces of her painful past.

Through her writing, speaking, podcast, online course, and retreats, she helps others find and fulfill the good purpose for their lives. Comment here or contact Rhonda directly at


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