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These simple steps to success work. Not in some mystical way, but in practical, real ways. The catch is that simple concepts aren't always easy to implement.

Someone choosing good over bad
Replace bad with good
The fastest way to succeed is to replace the bad with the good.

To succeed in life, we must replace bad habits with good habits; replace a bad self-image with a good self-image by replacing bad, negative language with good, positive language;

and we must replace bad predictions with good predictions.

We have a new opportunity every day to create good habits, to build our positive self-image by speaking good, positive language, and to predict and expect good things to happen in our future. The alternative is to continue going along as we always have and get the same kinds of results that we've always had.

The three steps included here are not phony magic hocus-pocus. They are practical things you can do to begin to take control of your thoughts.

Your thoughts control your attitude and your actions,
so you must start there.

If you think that your problems are too large, and there’s no way you can make meaningful changes in your life, consider that Viktor Frankl did all of these things to the best of his ability while he was a prisoner of war in a Nazi death camp. He saw each member of his family tortured and killed. He watched people around him die of starvation, overwork, disease and murder. He watched others go through the motions just waiting to die. All of this while Frankl refused to give in to anger, bitterness and resentment about all of the heinous wrongdoing that was outside of his control.

To keep his sanity, he created in his mind a vision of himself surviving and thriving. He saw himself speaking to large groups about finding meaning in suffering and discovering purpose in life. He expected to survive long before any hope of survival was a reality.

If Viktor Frankl could deliberately keep a positive mental attitude, create and maintain a good self-image, and predict good things for his future, then no matter what you’re going through, you can mentally lift yourself out of whatever circumstances surround you and do the same!

make good things happen in your life

3-steps that can change the trajectory of your life

  1. What are the the bad habits in your life? Ignoring them won’t make them go away. Nothing will change until you acknowledge your bad habits and decide to adopt a completely new mindset that favors good habits that will lead you toward success. List your bad habits alongside the new habits you will adopt now, then cross out those bad habits to symbolize that they are no longer part of your life!

  2. What are the bad, negative words you used to describe yourself and your life? Words are powerful. As long as you speak ugly words over yourself, they will be true for you. On the other hand, when you speak good, positive words about yourself and your life, you are literally telling your brain what to think and your heart what to feel. When you repeatedly say good things about yourself and your life and refuse to say negative things, you will eventually believe the good things (and so will others). Write down the words that describe how you see yourself now. Then write words that describe the way you want to see yourself in the future. Cross out the negative words that you will never again use to describe yourself.

  3. What negative predictions have you made over your life? Have you said things like, "it's never going to get any better." Comments like this are self-fulfilling prophecies because when we say negative things, we're telling our hearts and minds (and everyone else who hears them) to believe that bad things are going to happen. When we expect bad things to happen, they are more likely to happen. When we say that we expect good things to happen, good things are more likely to happen. Write down at least one positive prediction that you will begin to speak about you and your life.

Others have done this

Lots of people have created success because of their hard times. Charles Darrow, credited for creating and marketing the game, Monopoly, worked on this project after he lost his job as a result of the stock market crash of 1929. Colonel Harlan Sanders was 65 years old and reliant on a $105-a-month Social Security check when he incorporated Kentucky Fried Chicken. When Tom Monaghan founded Dominos Pizza he was functionally homeless. When he couldn't afford to rent a room, he slept under the pizza table.

go get your success

None of the people at the center of these phenomenal success stories had the internet. They didn't have the opportunity to communicate with literally millions of people through social media. They couldn't make a phone call virtually free of charge to someone in a different area. There has never been another time in human history when the playing field was more level for anyone to create their own success. This can be your big opportunity to succeed in life!


Things may be hard right now. But your life can get better, and not because of chance or luck, but through your own efforts to replace bad thoughts, habits, and mindsets with good ones. Doing that will be the catalyst for replacing bad circumstances with good ones. Start now doing these 3 things!

Rhonda Sciortino
Rhonda Sciortino went from foster care to successful survivor

Rhonda Sciortino went from foster care to millionaire by using the success tips outlined here as well as those listed in her ebook, Success Tips, on the basics, on the job & in life. Her blog, podcast, books, videos, events and online courses are all designed to help others create their own personal and professional success.

To help other survivors of childhood trauma, Rhonda founded Successful Survivors Foundation. Her big, hairy, audacious goal is for everyone to love the people within their influence. To help others do that, she wrote 15 books to share what she's learned from the truly successful people she's been blessed to know, and she launched the Love Is Action Community Initiative to provide a blueprint for changing communities through loving kindness.


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