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These 7 steps will help you create success

Are you tired of people charging money to share their secrets for success?We've all seen the infomercials and the ads by people who promise to share their secrets for building a business, getting clients, or gaining social media followers if we'll just pay the money to take their online course, go to their seminar, join their webinar, or buy their book. I've known several people who seem to have nearly gone broke paying money to one person after the next who promise that their secret is THE ONE that will catapult others to success. It's profoundly sad because none of these things have worked for them.

In some cases, the act of selling the so-called secret is the money making venture. It's like a house of mirrors at a carnival--there is no real success in the life of the person who's selling the secret.

When we pull back the curtain to look at the lives of some of the people who make these claims, we often find people who are struggling financially. They're barely getting by. The big house is rented. The fancy car is leased. And the whole show is an act. Whatever financial success they may have had wasn't sustainable. The reality is that real success is so much more than money anyway.

I grew up broke and I've had wealth now for many years, so I can verify that life is much easier with money than without. But money doesn't fix every problem, and it doesn't guarantee that you won't have problems. In fact, money brings along with it a whole host of other challenges. But that's another topic for a different day.

I had the opportunity to share some of my secrets for real success with thousands of middle and high school students at the first GAMECHANGER Opioid Awareness Summit. I told them 7 of the things I did to go from a life of pain to one of real success, which I define as good relationships, wellness, peace, joy, and financial provision.

I'm sharing this video with you for free. All you have to exchange for 7 of my secrets is 20 minutes and 54 seconds. The marketing experts think I'm a fool for posting this full video. The experts say that I should share just snippets and then charge for the real info. But I am sharing this because real success is so much more meaningful when you help other people attain it as well. And the people who need this most can't afford an expensive price tag.

The 7 things I share with you in the video below will lead you to everything that truly counts.

You are 20 minutes and 54 seconds away from knowing 7 of my secrets. Please share this with anyone who would like to have a better life.

To read the 7 steps written out, check out

I spent a lot of years thinking that life had dealt me a bad hand. Both of my parents left when I was a little girl. I was raised by a mentally ill man and an alcoholic and addicted woman who were abusive and dysfunctional. But what I know now is that I learned things as a result of those disadvantages that prepared me for my purpose and the life assignments involved in it. What I used to think was terribly unfair, I now embrace with gratitude. I hope to encourage you to embrace your disadvantages and mine the lessons from them and use them to your advantage. Please post your comments or contact me directly here.


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