These 7 steps will help you create success

I was invited to speak to thousands of middle and high school students at an Opioid Awareness Summit. I asked the event planner if they knew that I had never used drugs. I thought that they had surely made a mistake.

They explained to my publicist that they already had a recovered addict, but that they were looking for someone who had been raised by someone with a substance abuse problem but who chose never to use drugs. I knew then that I was just the person for the job!

I shared with those students what I am going to share with you now. A story that I had never told anyone about the day that I decided that I was not ever going to be addicted to anything. Then I told them the 7 things I did to go from a life of pain to one of true success.

These 7 things don't cost anything, but they will lead you to everything that truly counts.

Please share this with anyone who would like to have a better life. You are 20 minutes and 53 seconds away from knowing my secret.

P.S. There's a free gift for you too. The coupon code is mentioned in the video.

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