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Awesome people are attracted to other awesome people. So if you want to attract an awesome person, find your awesomeness.

How To Get To Awesome

Most people aren't in touch with their inner awesomeness. We all have insecurities, and most of us are acutely aware of those, and not aware of specifically what makes them awesome. They carry around aspects of awesomeness and aren’t even aware of it. They don’t act like the awesome people they truly are and the confident people they could be. Consequently, they miss out on the opportunity to live a great life and to enjoy all that comes along with it--including good relationships with other awesome people.

Some people go through life with a chip (or a cement block) on their shoulders, eaten up by feelings of envy toward others who they think got the advantages that were not afforded to them. They feel like they were dealt a bad hand at the game of life; like they’re owed restitution by someone, somehow, but they go through life never quite able to figure out how and where to collect.

Those poor souls with the chips on their shoulders wish they’d been born into a loving family, or that Dad hadn’t left, or that Mom hadn’t lost her job. They wish they had gotten a better education, or that they’d had it as good as those kids who appeared to have all the advantages they didn't have. They wish... they wish... they wish...but none of those wishes will ever change their present reality. No one can go back in time and choose a different family through which to enter into life. No one can change where they grew up, what happened, or what they didn’t get.

The good news is that awesomeness is not a prize awarded at birth to only a select few, never to be attained by anyone else. Awesomeness is attainable by each of us. Every one of us can embark immediately on a journey toward our own awesome lifestyle. It’s not complicated. But it does require a commitment to a shift in our attitudes and thoughts.

Each of us is able to identify those things that make us awesome. We can develop each characteristic of awesomeness by doing every step in the new book, HOW TO GET TO AWESOME, until one day we realize that we’ve become the awesome person we want to be, and we’re living the awesome life we want to live. Somewhere along our journey we can brush the chips off our shoulders and see ourselves in a whole new light as the awesome people we are and were always meant to be!

When that happens, no longer are we the ones left unchosen for the team. No longer must we stand at the sidelines like spectators, watching others play the game of life. No longer must we sit at home while others advance to greater levels of success.

How To Get To AWESOME, identifies the 10 key characteristics that make people awesome. Readers will see themselves as they see the descriptions of the characteristics and actions of awesome people. They will see that they've had awesomeness inside all along, and will likely see ways to become even more awesome!

Along with each of the 10 characteristics of awesomeness, readers will find practical guidance for developing those characteristics and for applying them in every area of their lives. The advice is broken down into 10 easy steps that can help anyone develop, strengthen, and hone each invaluable characteristic.

The great thing is that every step of the journey to awesome is easy, free, and simple!

Every one of us has a very special package of skills, talents, abilities, and characteristics that is unique in all the world. Once we arrive at an understanding of our awesomeness, we're able to get along with others better than ever before. Why? Because we're able to confidently communicate who we are, what we care about, and what makes us awesome. And, importantly, we're able to recognize and celebrate the awesomeness of others. This is the basis for collaboration and collective impact because it eliminates the need for competition among colleagues. People who are confident in themselves know that when awesome people join together, each person’s unique package of awesomeness beautifully fills the weak places of the other, allowing the two to accomplish more than either could on his or her own.

Awesome people don't feel badly about what they don’t do well because their focus is on their awesomeness, rather than on perceived weaknesses. No longer do they envy the awesomeness of others because they know that each person’s special package of unique awesomeness is theirs and theirs alone. Awesome people know that each one of us is truly in a category of our own, not better or worse than anyone else, but unique and valuable, each in our own uniquely awesome way. Consequently, awesome people attract other awesome people like steel attracts magnets!

Rhonda Sciortino lived the first four decades of her life believing that there was no awesomeness in her. She tried to make up for what she lacked by working hard, doing her best, and trying to have a good attitude. When she finally realized that she had some awesome qualities, her life was like that of caterpillar turning into a butterfly (hence the logo). Of course, her weaknesses were still there, but rather than focus on continually trying to improve her weaknesses, Rhonda began to focus on honing her strengths. Being aware of her awesomeness, Rhonda no longer has to strive or compete. Now she wants to show others how to find their awesomeness.

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