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If You Want To Live Love Survive And Thrive Do This

Isn’t that what we all really want— to live life to the fullest, to love and be loved, to survive hard times, and to thrive using the wisdom we acquire along the way?

The problem is that it’s difficult to live life to the fullest in the midst of hard times. But you have the power to survive and to emerge successfully from every crisis and go on to love and be loved and to thrive. But how?

The answer is living the purpose for which you were born and perfectly matched.

That's why I launched FIND YOUR PURPOSE NOW podcast (formerly Live Love Survive & Thrive) found wherever you get your podcasts.

It wasn’t long into the Covid19 crisis that I heard about a spike in domestic violence and child abuse reports. Being a survivor of child abuse, I felt an overwhelming concern about the violence and abuse that was happening behind closed doors that wasn’t being reported. I couldn’t stand by and not do anything. So, my friend, Jenny Christiansen, and I decided to do something about it.

One morning Jenny, who is a Certified Life Coach and a 25-year educator, and I were talking about what was happening to children from fragile or broken families who were not in school and not being seen by mandatory reporters. Jenny had some thought provoking questions, and I had some practical ideas, and I said, “we should be live streaming this conversation because it could help people.” We decided to run a comb through our hair, put some lipstick on, and jump on Zoom. Ten minutes later, we were doing our first Facebook Live event.

We didn’t have a clue what we were doing. We didn’t know how to make the technology do what we wanted it to do. The lighting and sound were all wrong. It was laughable, but at least we were DOING SOMETHING.

In the time since then, we’ve figured out the technology (sort of), and more importantly, we’ve interviewed social workers, psychologists, foster parents, educators, business consultants, pastors, non-profit leaders, best-selling authors, the president of the Association of Elementary School Principals, the former Associate Commissioner of HHS Youth and Family Services Bureau, survivors of child abuse and domestic violence, a fitness coach, a criminal prosecutor of crimes against children, the creator of the GAMECHANGER summits against opioid abuse, successful survivors of child abuse, and many child advocates. We've heard some really solid advice from people who are experienced at getting through tough times.

In addition to these interviews, we’ve had some insightful conversations about the things that will help others come out of tough times better than before, including the power of relationships, authentic identity, the importance of mindset, focus, and so much more. Some episodes include some of my video clips of times that I’ve had the privilege of sharing my story of surviving childhood abandonment and abuse and creating a successful life because of it.

If you’re in a hard place, or if you know someone who is, I hope that you’ll watch or listen to FIND YOUR PURPOSE NOW podcast, and share it with others.

Please help us help others by subscribing and sharing on YouTube at Please subscribe to our podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, and share it with others. On iTunes it's here:

When you find your purpose, you will be helping others in your own unique way, and you will love your life!

Rhonda Sciortino is the founder of Successful Survivors Foundation, a non profit organization founded to help survivors of trauma create successful lives. Her blog, podcast, books, videos, online courses, and events are all designed to help YOU succeed in life not despite, but specifically because of what you've been through.


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