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25 Ways To Know If You're A Survivor

1. You keep getting back up every time life knocks you down

2. You do what needs to be done no matter how you feel

3. You are the kind of person who would get up in the middle of the night to go help a friend

4. You can read a room within seconds of walking in

5. You instinctively know when you can (or cannot) trust someone

6. You can tell when someone is getting upset, and you tell a joke to lighten the mood

7. You somehow just know when someone is lying to you

8. You are the first one to show up for work and the last one to leave

9. You offer to help out before being asked

10. You see what needs to be done and you do it

11. You cannot stand by and watch someone be mistreated

12. You go above and beyond what is expected

13. You give second and third and chances

14. You protect people who are weaker and more vulnerable

15. You tend to overcommit, saying yes to just about everything

16. You refuse to let fear stop you from doing what you want to do

17. You’ve been broken open to the point that your goodness pours out to others

18. You see opportunity in every challenge

19. You notice the person or service that goes unnoticed

20. You are resourceful and creative because you've had to be

21. You see the obvious choice in complicated decisions

22. You focus on a person’s behavior way more than their words

23. You are the best advocate for something you are passionate about

24. You run towards problems rather than away from them

25. You are the strongest person you know


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