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You Don’t Like Yourself Because You Don’t Know Your Authentic Identity

If you don’t like yourself, it’s because you really don’t know yourself. You only know what other people have said about you—and you’ve believed it. If you knew who you really are--your authentic identity, you would like (maybe even love) yourself.

The truth about you—the real truth—about the authentic you is that you have a fascinating combination of character traits, personality traits, intelligences (yes, I meant that to be plural because there are multiple types of intelligences), learned abilities, natural talents, and values, beliefs and perspective. You were born for a good purpose, and you have been perfectly matched to it. When you find it, you will do it brilliantly because you were made for it!

The profoundly sad part of believing the inaccurate things that others have said about us is that it leads us to leave our purpose lying dormant inside of us. When we don't know our awesome, true identity, we don't know all that we're capable of. When we don't understand our capabilities, our greatest potential is left untouched because we don't take the necessary steps to bring it to life.

The good news is that you are now aware that you were built for a purpose that is inside of you just waiting to come out. How do you find it? That's why I created the Your Real Success course, why we conduct Find Your Purpose retreats, and why we're working hard to create the Purpose Is Success app. With this app, you will have everything you need to activate your unique purpose and live the life you were designed to live, complete with all five facets of real success that accompany it.

What is real success? Healthy relationships with good people, peace, joy, financial sustainability, and physical /emotional /spiritual wellness. It's true "shalom," which is peace and contentment beyond understanding.

Imagine liking yourself, being confident in your authentic identity, your abilities, your character, your personality, and your purpose. Imagine loving your life. Imagine having everything you need. Imagine feeling joyful and peaceful. That's what awaits you when you pursue your purpose!

This podcast will help you find and live your purpose and enjoy the real success that accompanies it.

Available on iTunes, Google podcasts, Spotify and more.


Helping you find and fulfill your purpose is the fulfillment of mine! There is no greater joy for me than when I have the privilege of helping someone discover their authentic identity, how awesome they are, and what they can do with the 1,440 minutes they are granted every day to fulfill their purpose and give them the sense of contentedness, peace, and joy that cannot be attained any other way.


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