From Foster Care To Millionaire was written for a young girl who was going 100 miles per hour down the wrong road. I had made some of the mistakes I saw her making, and I wanted to save her the heartache that I knew was in her future. I knew she wouldn't listen to me, so I sat down to write her a letter. The letter turned into chapters, which (3 years later) became this book. 


     I share enough of my story to establish that I know what it feels like to abandoned and abused, but the most important aspect of this book is the sharing of the lessons I learned as I worked my way out of abuse, poverty, homelessness, and dysfunction to create a life of affluence, order, peace, and joy. 


     This books says everything you want to say to the young people within your influence. Thousands of former foster kids have read this book and have said that it changed their lives and their way of thinking. The wonderful feedback I've received is the greatest reward for the three years I invested in getting it written.


     ...And the epilogue to the story of the teenager I wrote it for is that she is now a happily married, educated, awesome, mother of two amazing children. 

From Foster Care To Millionaire WORKBOOK

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