I know I’m going to get some grief for what I’m about to say. Nevertheless, here goes. A lot of people think that worshipping God means going to church, singing songs, praying, and listening to a message. That can be worship if our hearts are in it. It can even be wors...

Of all the things we have to do, there’s nothing more important than this one thing. Yet many of us spend all of our energy doing what we think is important and

If things aren't right in your life, instead of suffering or trying to cope or trying to fix the problems, STOP.  Take a step back. Give yourself some time to objectively look at the situation. The things that go wrong in our lives are data to be analyzed to determine...

When we feel jealousy about how someone else looks, what they have, the good breaks they seem to be getting, and the fabulous life they seem to be living, it’s a sign that we’re out of touch with our purpose. We’re focusing outward instead of inward. 

Jealousy is the re...

WARNING: This may cause a visceral reaction

Some of the most powerful collaborations and some of the most rewarding relationships I’ve enjoyed are with people who are different from me. We have very different views on politics and religion, and we might learn that we di...

I would give you eyes to see yourself as the awesome person you are.

I would give you a healthy awareness of your strengths and an acceptance of your weaknesses.

I would give you an ability to speak the truth with kindness and to listen carefully to everyone in your life...

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