I know I’m going to get some grief for what I’m about to say. Nevertheless, here goes. A lot of people think that worshipping God means going to church, singing songs, praying, and listening to a message. That can be worship if our hearts are in it. It can even be wors...

#3 in Love Is Action series

The advice that follows comes from successfully surviving the first 16 years of my life being raised by a man who was mentally ill and a woman who was an alcoholic and addict (she probably medicated her pain because she was married to an extr...

#1 in Love Is Action Series 

Lots of us were raised by parents who were alcoholics or drugs addicts, or who acted like jerks, or who were mentally ill, or all of the above. Many of us had a sibling or other family member who suffered with a bad attitude or mental illnes...

Of all the things we have to do, there’s nothing more important than this one thing. Yet many of us spend all of our energy doing what we think is important and

Ask yourself why you do what you do.  Why do you eat or drink too much or use drugs? Why do you go from one bad relationship to the next? Why do you buy things you don't need?

Many people say they do what they have to in order to relax, because the...

I can't think of many things that are more heartbreaking than a failed adoption. When a family adopts a child from foster care who has been abandoned and mistre

What happened to the America of my youth?

I don’t normally engage in conversation about politics, not because I don’t care, but because I’m a recovering political addict. If I get just a little taste, I’m not sure I can stop again. I’m daring to go near it just this onc...

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