Children who grow up with parents who are abusive, mentally unstable, addicted, or otherwise chaotic or dangerous, somehow figure out how to survive. They either learn survival skills intuitively or by process of elimination in experiencing what does not work. But one...

No victim of mistreatment wants to hear that the terrible, unfair trauma they experienced can possibly be the best thing that could have happened to them. To suggest such a thing to a victim of child abuse or to a parent who lost a child is unthinkably cruel. Or is it?


Many people dismiss kindness as a meek, or even weak, thing that is inconsequential. After all, what

difference does it really make to smile at the bank teller or hold the door open for the person behind you? 

Since most people nowadays expect to see results instantaneou...

I am a dreamer, and I’m not the only one. Every great accomplishment was once a dream in the heart of someone who dared to believe that their dream was possible long before it became a reality. There are lots of us who want to do good in the world, something signifiant...

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